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Is intellectual property free?

The assumption that people are paid by public funding for doing research seems to me somewhat misleading. This is true of certain fields and certain universities, namely, the ones with strong political support. If authors will need to pay for publishing in OA, which is a commonplace business model, then wouldn’t this allow only well-paid … Continue reading

IPR: Charge and Rebuttal

Dyson seeks to block copycat manufacturers in China | Business | The Guardian. Top Chinese official says nation ‘serious’ on IPR protection|World|chinadaily.com.cn.

Innovation requires transnational collaboration

As true in high tech as in culture — if not perhaps more so. Opportunities in Chinese market beckon Western high-tech firms|Business|chinadaily.com.cn.

World Intellectual Property Organiation eyes China

WIPO head: China’s rise changing global intellectual property|IP Special|chinadaily.com.cn. In an obvious diplomatic pas de deux, Chinese and US officials met to gauge recent progress in China’s IP regulation (presumably the good kind of regulation).