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Chinese companies face innovation challenge: E&Y – People’s Daily Online

This news sounds good, actually.  Innovation takes on a life of its own in China. Chinese companies face innovation challenge: E&Y – People’s Daily Online.

Juggernaut is probably an apt image

And I agree with the potential here described by John Quelch. But it is too passive and hopeful a diagnosis. The prescription is not even stated. There is a way to get from here to there. But it requires some growth pains, and that means hard work for North Americans and patience for Chinese. They … Continue reading

Decoded: Techies and Creatives Intersect

Creative Industries – Decoded. The place to code in a day. – Articles – Open Innovation.

Quote of the week

“Wikipedia is a researcher’s dream.” via Paul Saffo – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I couldn’t agree more. And it has only just begun. The naysayers have yet to prove that statement wrong.

Innovation requires transnational collaboration

As true in high tech as in culture — if not perhaps more so. Opportunities in Chinese market beckon Western high-tech firms|Business|chinadaily.com.cn.

EU Funds Arts (update)

This is a very promising development.  It is a lot of money for government to dole out. Although I believe (someone please correct me if I am mistaken)* that the new Disneyland in Shanghai is costing more than that all combined. EU Plans Largest-Ever Arts Funding Program, Pinning Economic Hopes on Culture Industry | Artinfo. … Continue reading

Cal-Berkeley Reveals Plan for Engineering Center in China – NYTimes.com

It seems that one bright solution for the tuition crisis at Cal — as well as the sustainable future of so many others including Yale and NYU — will be to send US jobs to greater China. Reverse outsourcing is definitely a trend here. And on a slightly different note, Xingwei College, where maestro John … Continue reading