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Publishing Technology & CNPIEC Launch Largest Digital Gateway in China – WhatTheyThink

More good news to emerge from London Book Fair 2012. Take away for business development: CNPIEC is the largest company fully licensed by the Chinese government to import publications, and the new site, in-line with the government’s long term digital publishing plans, will help improve online access and discoverability of content in Chinese libraries. This … Continue reading

China and the importance of cultural engagement | Books | The Guardian

I could agree with some of the more reasonable criticism leveled at the London Book Fair for its Market Focus on China.  But I also cannot argue with Isabel Hilton in the Guardian. It is always salutary to be reminded of China’s continuing cultural controls, but this discussion is, in part, a category error: if … Continue reading

Support rings for China | Books | chinadaily.com.cn

Here are two major international publishers weighing in on the value of the China Market Focus at the London Book Fair last week.  I can attest that there is a lot of encouragement to be had, and also a long row to hoe…. Penguin China’s head Jo Lusby says, “Our business will benefit from China’s … Continue reading

Disney, China to join in animation initiative – latimes.com

Disney moves into direct competition with DreamWorks in developing Chinese animation industry. The Big Boys have arrived. “Right now [the Chinese] need expertise in terms of telling stories, using technology and doing animation,” Rosen said. Well, yes, that and much more, too. via Disney, China to join in animation initiative – latimes.com.

Tom Doctoroff: Is China Inc. Corporate America’s Enemy?

Tom Doctoroff: Is China Inc. Corporate America’s Enemy?.

Rethinking Higher Education Business Models

Rethinking Higher Education Business Models.

Culture is new growth source|Industries|chinadaily.com.cn

The good news keep rolling in. The bad news is we don’t know if it’s true or not. Culture is new growth source|Industries|chinadaily.com.cn.

DreamWorks’ plans for Shanghai — Shanghai Daily | 上海日报 — English Window to China New

This is an obvious move, and it gives a taste of the many, many moves to come. DreamWorks’ plans for Shanghai — Shanghai Daily | 上海日报 — English Window to China New.

Juggernaut is probably an apt image

And I agree with the potential here described by John Quelch. But it is too passive and hopeful a diagnosis. The prescription is not even stated. There is a way to get from here to there. But it requires some growth pains, and that means hard work for North Americans and patience for Chinese. They … Continue reading

Innovation requires transnational collaboration

As true in high tech as in culture — if not perhaps more so. Opportunities in Chinese market beckon Western high-tech firms|Business|chinadaily.com.cn.