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Cleansing Chinese Publishing | The Scientist

Another positive indicator for publishing honesty. Cleansing Chinese Publishing | The Scientist.

Publishing Technology & CNPIEC Launch Largest Digital Gateway in China – WhatTheyThink

More good news to emerge from London Book Fair 2012. Take away for business development: CNPIEC is the largest company fully licensed by the Chinese government to import publications, and the new site, in-line with the government’s long term digital publishing plans, will help improve online access and discoverability of content in Chinese libraries. This … Continue reading

China and the importance of cultural engagement | Books | The Guardian

I could agree with some of the more reasonable criticism leveled at the London Book Fair for its Market Focus on China.  But I also cannot argue with Isabel Hilton in the Guardian. It is always salutary to be reminded of China’s continuing cultural controls, but this discussion is, in part, a category error: if … Continue reading

Support rings for China | Books | chinadaily.com.cn

Here are two major international publishers weighing in on the value of the China Market Focus at the London Book Fair last week.  I can attest that there is a lot of encouragement to be had, and also a long row to hoe…. Penguin China’s head Jo Lusby says, “Our business will benefit from China’s … Continue reading

Why China Isn’t Winning: American Higher Ed Is Still Much, Much Better – David Lundquist – International – The Atlantic

I seem to recall posting this article by David Lundquist without comment.  It is worth mulling over.  Especially consternating for those of us who care are the “soft skills” with their cultural implications. Chinese students are not only less likely to graduate without pleasant and fulfilling romantic experiences, they’re also less likely to know themselves … Continue reading

Disney, China to join in animation initiative – latimes.com

Disney moves into direct competition with DreamWorks in developing Chinese animation industry. The Big Boys have arrived. “Right now [the Chinese] need expertise in terms of telling stories, using technology and doing animation,” Rosen said. Well, yes, that and much more, too. via Disney, China to join in animation initiative – latimes.com.

Paying Attention To China | From the Bell Tower

I agree here with Steven Bell’s general remark (he also includes many useful links to additional articles on topic): Following the transformation of China’s higher education system makes for interesting reading, and I suspect that with their determination, it is possible a world-class system is obtainable. via Paying Attention To China | From the Bell … Continue reading

The academic writer’s strike « The Thesis Whisperer

As scientists go, this post’s author makes more sense than most.  I also tend to agree with her premise that providers deserve to get paid if users are being charged.  What I do not see is how boycotting one publisher, however much they deserve it, or tarring all publishers with the badness of one apple … Continue reading

Tom Doctoroff: Is China Inc. Corporate America’s Enemy?

Tom Doctoroff: Is China Inc. Corporate America’s Enemy?.

Chinese Applicants Flood U.S. Graduate Schools – WSJ.com

Chinese Applicants Flood U.S. Graduate Schools – WSJ.com.